Shocking test will reveal your biggest fears! Which door will you choose?

Joseph Campbell said that the cave that you chose not to enter is where the treasure is. He is famous writer who spent his life on studying human psychology. His theory says that if one person wants to confront his fears he must be really happy!

If you want to discover your own obstacles, look at the pictures below and find out which is the scariest door for you?

1) Abandoned house

You are a realist and you don’t mind telling and seeing the truth. Your closest friends and family are really important for you. The wallpapers on the wall indicate that you built this wall around you and you are hard to reach out to. However, there is a light that symbolizes that if someone tries hard, she/he can take down that wall.  You are in a search for emotional fulfilling and you would be happy if you meet someone with whom you will relate on intellectual and on emotional level.

2) Staircase

No matter if the stairs are leading to the roof or to the basement, this show that you are carefree and that you enjoy in your life. However, this also shows that you are searching for good health, so you must improve your nutrition, you must have some physical activity and you should definitely take more care for yourself. You can make unreasonable decisions about something, but you love your life, you are self-confident and you will find what you were looking for.

3) Ice Cave

If this has caught your attention, it means that you’re feeling cold. I am not talking about the weather, but for the emotional situation. It has been awhile since you had someone beside you. Don’t be afraid of being hurt and staying alone! On the other hand, you are happy because you know exactly what you want. You don’t want to depend from someone and the freedom is really important for you.  What you’re looking for is love.

4) Wood Cabin

A putrescent house is your biggest fear. You are very charitable and you like helping others. The house actually represents safety and love.  If it is ruined like this one on the picture below, it means bankruptcy. The reason why you have chosen this means that you are afraid of not having money. In order to get it you must work very hard. Don’t forget that your love ones appreciates your attention and love, not the material things.

5) Dark tunnel

If you are afraid of entering into a dark tunnel, it means that you have unclear emotions. You are very sensitive and you are an intellectual. The water symbolizes your thoughts and the need of clearing them.  You should relax a little bit and try to enjoy in what you already have. You are in a search for confidence and if you want your problems to be solved, you have to show your feelings. Always remember that it will be better!

6) Chained door

The door on this picture is blue, like the sky. This represents that you are stable. You are brave and you will chase your goals and dreams. You are also creative and you can always find a solution for the problems.  You have excellent leadership skills as well. What you are trying to find is the feeling of comfort. Stop devoting your life on working. Enjoy the nice things that your life is offering to you!

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