Man’s Birth Month Can Tell You A lot About Your Relationship

Experts in astrology have continually indicated the connection between a person’s birth month and their relationship with their surroundings. It’s an important tool which can determine the development of someone’s personality.

1. January

Husbands born in January are determined, dependable, but also spontaneous. With great analytical abilities, they have a tendency to become leaders that promote strength and harmony. He will avoid demanding people. His affinity to be selfish can easily be abandoned if you show him patience.

2. February

February men are a mix of power and helplessness. They really appreciate family and are capable to earn a living, but they need time to get over their shyness. Reliable and direct, they have a good taste, dress well and have the habit not to take other people’s advice.

3. March

Men born in March are perfectionists and intellectuals. Even though they are not the most daring, with some wind in their back, they can be open for adventures. They dislike criticism and consider it scolding, but success is always in their mind. Disciplined by nature, they expect the same from others, although they are aware that’s not always possible. They do not have a problem with not being the dominant one in the relationship, but are dependable if needed.

4. April

April husbands are characterized as caring and careful in all life matters. Self-satisfied, thorough and composed, they try hard to achieve excellence and often succeed. You will be very lucky if you end up with a catch like this one.

5. May

May men like to seize the moment. Quick decision makers, with leadership abilities and capable for independent work, their only flaw is that a single failure can take away all their enthusiasm. Inclined towards science, they are patient and able to take criticism, even laughing at their actions. Outgoing and devoted, they look for partners with similar characteristics.

6. June

A man born in June has complete control over their behavior and is very opinionated, to the extent that they do not value opinions from others at all. Radiating authority, their work persona can be considered aloof. They appreciate a woman that is independent, intelligent and charismatic.

7. July

July men are levelheaded and tenacious. Despite being able to spot even hints of dishonesty, they can still fall victims of their own gullibility. They have a black and white, evil vs. good view of the world. As they often need additional support to see their projects to their ends, they look for women who can give them a sense of safety.

8. August

Great with the kids and excellent cooks, these men can be wonderful parents and ideal husbands. Guided by justice, they have the potential to become exemplary leaders, but it’s something they need to work on first. With great styling taste, they have a very good intuition and hate routines.

9. September

September born spouses hope to be mentors in their community and for their close ones. They go over and beyond in their work and this makes them excellent candidates for leaders. As discreet and tactful intellectuals they are destined to achieve happiness and wealth. They also like to tone down and be good parents.

10. October

October husbands are typically characterized as logical and intuitive. They are friendly, sincere and have a difficulty with diplomacy. They are not afraid to take their time when it comes to decision making and they are very rational about it, because they care not to disappoint others.  They favor talking in person and they think it through when they propose in a relationship.


Men born in November can be described as courteous, business like and sympathetic. They are perceptive, get along with people from diverse backgrounds and are successful in their careers. Knowledgeable about their surroundings and extremely dedicated, they prefer to be monogamous and find a partner for life.

12. December

December man like challenges and would rather solve a complicated problem as soon as possible, than sweep it under the rug. They do this fast because they don’t lack in commitment and creativity. They like to lead exciting lives, because monotony kills their enthusiasm. Money is not an issue because they have many talents. They like taking care of their family.

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