Four Rules for Ultimate Freedom

Freedom… what does it matter for you? Let’s know

Are you happy with your life?

Do you treat people like you do for them?

Are you doing what your heart wants?

Do 100% of your life take responsibility?

Are you your best friend?

If there is no answer to any one question then now Freedom is far from us.

Celebrating the freedom that we got in 1947, we went to prison in such habits that we did not know that the freedom that we are talking about is the beginning of its own, freedom does not give us any It is our own decision that we are free. We always talk about the people’s issues, the society, the system, the nation, but never talk about the most special human being in them and that is we ourselves. The result is full of fear, greed, tension, anger, and negativity.

Very beautiful is the meaning of freedom “Freedom is a strong feeling and it is time to start making her feel herself.”

You are Designer of your Life

“Let your freedom fly and let it fly and decide what life you want to live, what you can do, you can decide only this and only you but you have to be very clear how to live this life. You are responsible for this, and do not give the right to the circumstances and people to decide how you are to live. And do a question yourself with what people will know for me and write the story of my life according to whatever answers I get.

Nothing is Permanent so Enjoy Every Moment

Whenever we succeeded, we were happy and whenever we failed, we were unhappy, but remember that any one experience was permanent. No, therefore, change is the most fun part of our life. Actually, if we do not have this in our life, then we all want to eliminate ourselves because there is no change.

Today is struggling (Struggle), tomorrow will be successful but if today does not fail today, then the happiness of success will not feel good. So living every moment is freedom. Failure and success are a lot more than a lifetime of life, so both of us have a sense of self-interest

Only you can Make You Happy

The whole age I wandered in search of happiness, during the last breath, came to notice that he forgot to find his address. Your key to happiness is with you, no one else can ever cheer you, this is the illusion that we will get it from any achievement or special results, and if so, it is temporary. Permanent happiness is always with us, it is late to realize it, so be happy, and do whatever you want To Do.

The Most Powerful Person in your Life is You

Whatever you used to think in childhood, there was no fear or regret, it seemed that we could do anything and believe in ourselves, even today we are the same but we are not sure on ourselves – we Can Achieve Whatever We Want If we decide – if we decide to do something, if we decide that to change, to decide, to be happy, to decide, to stay healthy, decide To be successful, to improve relationships, to decide is to learn something, just do it by deciding only Security and strength God has given to the only person | Failure, sadness, frustration, grief, fear are all our brains, and only and only we can change it ourselves and this is not a new thing, we have come to do what the person can do all this Powerful is not it … It is none other than you.

Freedom is very precious because it has to fight for itself, so be ready to become a Freedom Warrior.

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