Do You Want To Know How Many Children You Will Have In The Future? The Answer Is In Your Hands!

There is no fixed age to be parents, as it depends on the expectations of each person, however, it is generally between 25 and 35 years old. That biological clock we have some suddenly sounds to us, and that’s when we start planning the children.

All these plans that we do, often end up being different, depends on our relationships, our work or circumstances that we can not control. All the techniques and tricks to guess the future are often suspicious. There are different methods that supposedly reveal facts that will happen in our lives like hand reading or palmistry. To believe or not in them, depends on the philosophy of life of each one of us.

Palmistry is the art of characterizing and fortune telling through the reading of palm lines. These lines can have several meanings related to ones’ health, wealth, destiny, prosperity and fame.

If the line of children is forked at the end, it’s an indication of twins. There will be high chances of getting twin babies. (Fig 1)

The deep and wide children lines indicate boys. (Fig 2) 

The narrow and shallow children lines are signs of getting baby girls. (Fig 3)

The islands at the beginning of children line indicates the children are usually weak and often get sick during the early ages. (Fig 4)

The islands at the end of children line indicates the children are hard to raise. (Fig 5)

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