Symbols are powerful weapons of magic. Their significance is rooted deep in the human subconscious, and from there they receive their power. The following 6 symbols are known as one of the most powerful. They have been used for centuries in many different rituals.


The eye of Horus, also known as Udyat, is one of the most recognizable symbols of ancient Egypt. If this symbol attracts you, you need protection. The eye represents the vengeance of Choir v Sets, who destabilized the rule of his father, Osiris. The eye of Choir is the personification of the all-present God, that is, the fact that God is constantly watching us.


You can seek help and protection from your guardian angel, or from the universe. You can also make a ritual that will free you from negative energy. Or do anything you believe in and make you feel safe.


The labyrinths were created in order to protect what is in their center. In myths it is the Minotaur. If we try to interpret the meaning of the labyrinth, we can say that it helps us to find our true nature, our spiritual center or our God. The labyrinths were created to deceive the demons by capturing them at their center. If this symbol attracts you, you need to find your inner center. Labyrinths were used for various rituals in Crete, where priests danced in them until they reached a certain ecstasy that connected them to the universe.


If your choice is the maze, you’re likely to be lost. The hard work, the crammed schedule and the tired lifestyle have distracted you from your spirituality. Find your inner peace. You need to find your spiritual center.


The Trident is a symbol of a strong and sacred patriarchal figure. This is the symbol of the god Shiva of Hinduism, as well as of the god Poseidon of Greek mythology. The three blades of the spear symbolize the three eyes, where the middle blade represents the third eye. Although the triad was demonized by Christians, it is originally a symbol of abundance, blessing and is a tool for removing fears. Poseidon, the brother of Zeus and Hell, was one of the most powerful gods in Greek mythology. If you have chosen this symbol, you need to get rid of your fears and restore your spiritual domination in the astral world.


You must show the world that you are not afraid. You are free and nobody can harm you. Use the power of the triple-button to remove your fears.


Number 3 has always been considered magical and sacred. In the triskelion the foundations of our body are the forces of change, the passage through obstacles and “jumping” through the physical and spiritual limits. If you have chosen this symbol, you must get rid of the boundaries of your physical life. The triskelion is the personification of the creative power of the sun, and the sun’s forces help us mature. The three arms of this symbol create an “unnatural” force that can be used to create the reality we want.


Use your ability to create your own reality. Believe in yourself, and this will increase your positive energy.


Ouroboros is a symbol that was widely used by the Gnostics, but in the Middle Ages it was erroneously associated with black magic. It seems that this symbol was a holy emblem in Phrygia, in the first centuries BC. The true meaning of this symbol is a reminder of karma and the endless continuum “time-action-reaction.

” If this is the symbol that attracted your attention, you should look at your karma. You need to make some change because you are trapped in a loop in which nothing changes. And nothing changes, because that’s your choice. When you break down the circle of the Ouroboros you will exit the loop and start to live the life you deserve.


The simplest thing is to find out what is what you are constantly doing, and you know it is wrong. Change your approach to the situation that hurts you to leave the endless circle.


The beetles lay their eggs in the dead bodies of other animals. From death they succeed in creating a life, and this is precisely why the Egyptians believed that they came from the dead, from the underworld, or that they were made of substances from the underworld. If you chose this symbol, you need the wisdom of your ancestors. Beetle is also associated with the resurrection, new birth, and reincarnation. These “living” symbols were used in rituals for health and longevity. This symbol indicates that you are thirsty for vitality.


You need to find a way to restore your energy. The best start is the change in diet and physical activity. If you have any symptoms, visit your doctor. The beetleinvites you to take care of yourself, but also to remember your ancestors.

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