9 Smart way to Deal With Rude People

Many times people ask questions which are very uncomfortable for you to answer. Some of them even make you feel bad in your skin and about yourself. These are the really uncomfortable questions like “Are you still single?” or “Did you put some weight on?”

You can choose two options to get to them. You can either be rude and negative or you can respond with a very polite voice.

These comebacks will always make you deal with the rudeness:

1) Use ‘thank you’ to fight these people

We know it’s not easy to say thank you too often, but using this phrase shows how mature are you in contrary to their childish and rude behavior. You will feel more dignified and peaceful. Using ‘thank you’ you are actually using a shield to protect yourself from whatever rudeness comes across your way.

2) Tell the other side that their perspective is appreciated by you

If you want to be the more intelligent one in the conversation, don’t fall on the rudeness. Instead, tell them that you appreciate their way of thinking. You might never accept their idea, but you appreciate it and you think nothing wrong of it. You just point out that you will always follow your ideas and interests.

3) Sometimes end the conversation

When you feel that the pressure grows bigger and bigger, the right thing to do is end the conversation. This might not get you the winning position, but you will definitely feel relieved which is kind of your own personal victory.

4) Ask them if they need you to respond to their rude question

Asking them if they really need your respond is something that will make them think about what they’ve asked and feel ashamed.

5) Showing them that they’ve hurt your feelings

This might be often used in a sarcastic voice, but it will definitely make them feel uncomfortable for asking that stupid question. Once they’ve felt that they are not getting any answers from you, they will back off.  This way, you will avoid the negative energy.

6) Let them know you agree with them

By saying the phrase ‘yes, you’re right’ you are actually agreeing on the things they’ve said, even though those things are not very pleasant. They might say “you gained a lot of weight”, and the proper respond from you would be, “yes, you’re right” which will immediately shut their mouth from continuing the conversation.

7) Tell them that they often have negative thoughts

After being asked a dumb question, do not hesitate to tell them that they always ask negative questions. This way they will feel like they are the toxicants in the whole group and you instantly win the conversation by making them feel bad.

8) Tell them you love yourself and you love them too

This comes up when you are very close with the person in the conversation. You cannot tell your boss or your distant coworker that you love them.

9) Laugh hard

By laughing at a silly question you are making them uncomfortable and unable to continue with the conversation. They will feel embarrassed.

To summarize, it is always good to use kindness over rudeness to get back at someone. Show people that you are way smarter and don’t let stupid questions make you anger.


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