8 Things You Should Keep to Yourself – Privacy

Sharing things with people we trust and feel close to can sometimes be very helpful, however, there are certain things that we should keep to ourselves. Some of the things we consider intimate should not be shared regardless of how close you are to someone. Here is a list of 8 things that you should avoid sharing in order to prevent problems.

1. Your relationship problems

If your partner is violent and abusive, you should definitely ask for help. But if you are complaining about anything else in your relationship, STOP. The problems you have in your relationship should only be discussed with your partner. Sharing them with others might blow up in your face.

2. Your good deeds

If you did something good it does not mean you should tell everyone about it. Try to do good things just for yourself because recognition is not that important as some people believe.

3. Your personal life

Sharing things about your personal life is okay, but within limits. You need to have healthy boundaries and only talk about things that you are comfortable talking about ant others are comfortable listening about.

4. Your finances

Your financial situation is your concern, so don’t involve other people in it. Your wallet is only yours.

5. Your belongings

Talking about things we have might seem like we are bragging. You can mention them from time to time, but don’t do it too often. If you were lucky in life, someone else might not have had so much fortune.

6. Your family problems

Family problems should never be discussed with people that are not family members. If the issue is very serious you might mention it but only to people you know you can always trust. Otherwise, you might end up creating more problems.

7. Your struggles/weaknesses

Sharing your weaknesses with others gives people the chance to use them against you. This is why you should keep them to yourself because the more you share the less you receive.

8. Your life goals

If you share your goals, you are less likely to achieve them. Instead of wasting time talking about them, try to put more effort into reaching them. Actions always speak louder than words.


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