8 Phrases You Need to Say to Your child Every Day!

Raising children is never an easy task. Most parents often don’t even have time to sleep, eat or drink just to provide their children a more comfortable life. Parenthood is amazing but it also can be very hard at times. There are numerous books about parenting where you can read various tips about raising children. But this task requires respect and confidence too, which you can’t learn from reading a book. You need to have daily conversations with your children and also encourage them without the need of grand gestures.

The parents are the children’s first teachers, so the way you interact with them has a major impact on their progress. Susan Stiffelman, the author of Parenting Without Power Struggles, says that if you want to raise a well-rounded kid you need to establish a solid support system at home.

These are the 8 things you need to tell your children as often as you can:

1. It’s ok, simply try it again

This phrase is very useful to teach your child to understand that failures and setbacks are an inevitable part of the learning process.

2. I love you

This may sound strange, but you can never tell your child enough how much you love them. This phrase works in every situation in life.

3. I have missed you so much

If you were away for a couple of days, when you see them tell them how much you have missed them. This will show them that you are thinking about them a lot when they or you are away.

4. I am happy to have you

This phrase will make your kid’s heart skip a beat because it shows them that they are the most important person in your life.

5. I believe in you and I know you can do that

If your child is thinking about taking a challenge, these two phrases can help them become more confident about themselves.

6. You are something special

This phrase also says a lot about how much they mean to you.

7. I am proud of you

Saying this phrase will affect their self-confidence in a positive way and they will feel very nice. You should use it very often.

8. Thank you

Saying thank you is not just a way to be polite, it should be a way to express true appreciation of their work. This is probably the strongest phrase you can say to your child. It should not be said only after they have done something you asked them to. You can also thank them for being who they are.

All these phrases have a positive impact on your child’s confidence and inner peace. Make sure you use them often and you will notice the positive long-term effect they have.

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