6 Ways To Calm Down Your Mind

The good information is that no matter how stiff it gets, you can help out yourself. While you can’t wait for to live in a ideal, just or be concerned-free world, you can study to accept what’s happening and most importantly be ok with it. You can get a feel for and stay strong through what life throws at you. Yes, you actually can, even if you don’t believe it yet! You can be in a sorrow and still be happy. You can be tolerant. You can learn to calm down.

1. Breathe slowly.

When you’re tense, you be likely to respire in short, low breaths and it create even more worry. To answer that, try to respire extremely and slowly for a few minutes. Use your stomach to breathe. Breathe slowly when you want to calm down, as over and over again as you wish it is one of the easiest ways to calm down at smallest amount a little.

2. Do mindfulness exercises.

Mindfulness is a methodically proven way to calm your mind down and become more flexible day by day. The main thought of mindfulness is to accept your feelings and feeling just the way they are. Let them be around, watch them without decision and most importantly bring you back to the present moment.Instead of living in your make-believe world, be here.

3. Re frame negative thoughts.

If you’re impatient because something is bothering you, you’re most likely thinking about it in a very unhelpful way. It surely does not help. Try to re frame your negative thoughts into something more positive.

4. Give yourself some time.

If it’s really hard for you to calm down, just give yourself some time. When a stressful situation happens, our body releases stress hormones and it takes some time for them to settle down. Don’t force yourself. Be brave, patient and eventually the stress response will subside.

5. Remind yourself that distress is temporary.

Every storm passes.Bad feelings or situations they also pass. Some may take a little longer, but eventually, all things will get better. Stay patient.

6. Look for a brighter side.

There’s a bright side to everything! If you feel down or angry, try to rethink the situation and find one positive thing about it. Here’s an example: I got into a terrible fight with my sister and it seems like we won’t be talking for years. BUT at least I don’t have to deal with her constant negativity anymore.

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