5 Things Every Man Wants To Hear From Women

Apparently this is a common concern for many husbands out there, because the post has been one of my most popular works to date.You might be saying, “What does a man know about what a woman wants to hear?” The truth is, he doesn’t know much until he asks. When I started writing that article, I asked my wife which words she loves to hear me say. See what I did there? Instead of trying to guess, or read her mind, I simply asked her.So, I decided to take the same approach and asked a few men what they loved to hear from their partners and I’m willing to bet your husband would agree with a lot of the things on my list.

Here are 5 things every man wants to hear from his wife:

1. “Your hard work is paying off for our family.”

This is high on the list for men. We want to know what we are doing is not only helpful to our family, but that the most important woman in our life recognises and appreciates this. It’s a welcome compliment whether it’s directed toward the work that provides for our families or chores we do to help out around the house.

2. “I need you.”

Those knight in shining armour stories are rooted in something very important to men. We want to know we are needed. Slaying the dragon and rescuing the princess are real to us. It may not be precisely as the fairy tales depict it, but the principle rings true. We want to feel useful, and we want you to know that you can turn to us when you want help, although you are totally capable of doing it on your own.

3. “I trust you.”

Men want women to feel secure in their marriage, and know that they can trust their husband. We all know that trust helps create a solid foundation for a good relationship. Sometimes men aren’t depicted as trustworthy, so for a man to hear that his wife has faith in him means the world.

4. “I’m cooking your favourite meal tonight.”

What’s the fastest way to a man’s heart? His stomach! You probably said that aloud before even reading the answer. Men love good food, and they love when their wives cook it from the heart. So hearing your wife say she’s preparing your Favorited meal is music to a man’s ears … and stomach!

5. “I love this man!”

Whether you say it directly to him or to someone else in reference to him, you have made him feel very special and warmed his heart. It’s fun to be bragged about by your spouse, and men enjoy it just as much as women do.

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