11 Struggles Strong and Emotional People Deal With Everyday

Life has brought many storms upon you, forcing you to be stronger and tougher, to face disappointments and continue to fight on no matter the circumstances. Nobody can see what you’ve been through and where lies the source of your strength. Besides everything, you’re still capable of taking care of others around you.

Here Are The Eleven Issues Strong And Sensitive People Deal With Everyday:

1) People Don’t Understand Us

They are simply baffled by how can we be so tough and strong in the hardest moment like its nothing! And yet the very same person gets stressed over small things.

2) Overthinking

Constantly torn between scenarios that we make up in our head over some important decision, or plan, how will affect everyone, how everything can go right or wrong, is everything going to be okay in the end.

3) Always Here For Our Loved Ones

We always tend to put our friends and family on the first place, we do that so much we forget to take care of ourselves. Not letting anyone to harm them and always ready to be beside them in times of need. Sadly, we don’t give ourselves this kind of treatment.

4) Show No Weakness

Sometimes it’s like we have superpowers. Even if everything was going wrong at the moment, we would still be able to continue, to move on despite how we feel inside.

5) We Would Laugh And Use Jokes To Evade Emotional Situation

We always show tremendous amount of confidence even in the toughest emotional storms not letting anybody to see what’s going on inside of us.

6) We Show Strong Language In An Argument

We can give a hard time to someone, but if someone gives us hard time we can’t handle it properly. Hurting our emotions is easier than most people think, which always results in us getting mad very quickly.

7) We Are Very Good At Thinking Of Ways To What We Would Say If Someone Said Something Bad To Us.

But in the reality, we wouldn’t say 98% of these things, because all we really want is to avoid all dramatic scenes.

8) Sometimes We Can’t Walk The Talk

This happens mostly because sometimes we have hard time dealing with our own emotions, forcing us to say things we don’t really mean to do.

9) We Dislike Most People, But It Hurts Us When Someone Dislikes Us

We are experts at cutting people out of our lives, remove anyone that annoys us. But when someone does not think nice of us, the ground beneath our feet starts to tremble, asking ourselves what have we done wrong.

10) Very Complex

Our complexity is what makes relationships with us difficult. We are not the easiest person to love or support sometimes, but you can be sure that we’ll be always there to love and support you.

11) We Show Our Real Faces Only To Few People

Only few chosen ones ever get to see our true faces, you must be very special to us if we ever let you see our emotional side.

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